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UK Family Visa (Spouse/Partner) Fees

Unfortunately, UK immigration fees are very high, having only steadily risen over the past years. Family visa applications are no exception to this rule.

Family visa fees are made up of 3 separate parts: the application fee, the Immigration Health Surcharge Fee, and the appointment fee. They should be added together to form the total cost.

The application fee

The application fee for an application made outside the UK is £1523 per applicant. The fee is the same for a child applicant. The application fee for an application made inside the UK is £1033 per applicant. The fee is the same for a child applicant.

The Immigration Health Surcharge

Almost all applications for a UK visa that lasts for longer than 6 months carry the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS), and family visas are no exception. The IHS is charged at £624 per year for one adult and £470 per year for one child under the age of 18. The IHS is charged on a six months basis. So a visa that lasts for 2 years and 1 month will attract 2.5 years worth of IHS. A visa that lasts for 2.6 years will attract 3 years worth of IHS. The IHS is payable in full at the point of submitting the application. The only upside of paying the IHS is that the migrant gets to access all the NHS services free of charge. It will also become impossible for the migrant to owe any debt to the NHS. This is good to know as owing a debt to the NHS forms one of the general grounds of refusal in a future visa application.

Appointment fee

The appointment fee includes the biometric fee, which costs £19.20 per applicant, and fees the application centre might charge for the appointment itself. This fee will vary depending on the country, and is set by the private companies who run the private application centres.

Worked example

Natalya, a Russian citizen, is applying for her spouse visa from Russia. The application fee for a family visa application made outside the UK is £1,523. A successful grant will last for 2 years and 9 months. Therefore 3 years worth of IHS is charged, costing £1872. The appointment fee will consist of the £19.20 biometric fee, plus any fee the visa centre might charge. Adding everything together, Natalya's spouse visa application fees will come out to £3,395 plus visa centre fees.

How we can help

UK visa applications fees are extremely costly and they only keep on rising. This is why at PaperPlane Visas we pride ourselves on our ability to provide high quality service at a reasonable price. We charge a £500 flat-fee, with no hidden charges, for family visa applications. We also offer a no-success no-fee guarantee, where we would refund our service fees in full in the unlikely case that your application is not successful. We believe that £500 is a fair price, helping you to ensure that your UK visa application fees are not wasted.


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