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the UK Office of the Immigration Service Commissioner 

at Level 1 in Immigration.

About PaperPlane Visas

PaperPlane Visas was founded by two migrants to the UK, Michael and Elena. During their first-hand experiences with immigration, they were appalled by the lack of accessible legal advice available.


Our goal is to support families through this process with as little stress as possible. This means providing affordable and easy to understand advice to families from all communities.


By taking advantage of modern technologies and operating online, PaperPlane Visas can offer not only reduced fees but outstanding immigration support that helps more families stay together.

Eligibility Study

We will help you understand the immigration options available to you based on your eligibility and individual circumstances.

Strategy Planning

By taking a look at the big picture, we will review how your current application fits into your long-term immigration plans.

Documents Check

We will provide a clear list of the documents required for your application. Once uploaded, we will check your documents for acceptability.

Form Completion

We fill out the application form on your behalf to guarantee it is error-free, removing stress from the most crucial step of the application process.

Application Verification

Multiple checks are performed to ensure your application is free of error and the strongest it can be.

Application Submission

Your application will be submitted by the date agreed, with no risk of missing the deadline.

How PaperPlane Visas can help you