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Our No-Success No-Fee Guarantee means that if your application is not successful, we will refund our fees to you in full.

You are also protected by the Consumer Rights Act, which gives you 14 days to change your mind provided no services have been delivered.

Affordable fixed-fee pricing. No hidden charges. No hidden VAT.

The average immigration adviser charges £160 an hour + VAT. We have decided to do things differently.​



All ECONOMY services, plus:

- visa appointment booking & management

- visa appointment instructions

- post-application consultation

- expedited completion timeline (5 working days submission)

- £50 off voucher when you use our services again



- onboarding consultation

- eligibility & rules review

- document check

- completing the application

- application verification & submission

- adviser's supporting letter attached to your application

- standard completion timeline (10 working days)



- initial consultation

Specialist UK visa advice for your application's success

Expert & affordable immigration lawyer


the UK Office of the Immigration Service Commissioner 

at Level 1 in Immigration.

How PaperPlane Visas can help you and your family

Eligibility Study

We will help you understand the immigration options available to you based on your eligibility and individual circumstances.

Strategy Planning

By taking a look at the big picture, we will review how your current application fits into your long-term immigration plans.

Documents Check

We will provide a clear list of the documents required for your application. Once uploaded, we will check your documents for acceptability.

Form Completion

We fill out the application form on your behalf to guarantee it is error-free, removing stress from the most crucial step of the application process.

Application Verification

Multiple checks are performed to ensure your application is free of error and the strongest it can be.

Application Submission

Your application will be submitted on or before the date agreed, with no risk of missing the deadline.

About PaperPlane Visas

The founders of PaperPlane Visas were once themselves migrants to the UK. Through their first-hand experience with UK immigration, they were alarmed by the lack of accessible and affordable legal advice available to the public, and decided to change things for the better.


Our goal is to support families through the UK Visa and Immigration process with as little stress as possible. This means providing comprehensive and understandable advice to individuals from all communities.


Thanks to our expertise, PaperPlane Visas offers affordable and outstanding immigration advice that helps you reach your UK immigration goals.

Michael Wang
Head of Advice

Onboarding call


Onboarding call

Book your onboarding call at a time that is convenient for you. We will take this time to understand your unique circumstances, walk you through what to expect during the application process, and answer your questions.

Collect documents


Collect documents

We will provide a list of documents required for your application. We are here to support you in gathering the necessary information. We will review your documents to make sure they will be accepted.

Ongoing support throughout


Ongoing support throughout

Your lawyer is here to guide you and assist you every step of the way, providing unlimited calls and consultations.

Our aim: clear up for you the UK Visa and Immigration process

We will answer all of your questions and have your application submitted in three easy steps.

Family Visas

For partners or child of a UK citizen, of persons settled in the UK, of EU nationals in the UK or visa migrants in the UK.

  • Spouse Visa

  • Partner Visa

  • Fiancé Visa

  • Child Visa

Study/Graduate Visas

If you are planning to study in the UK, or if you have completed your university degree and wish to remain in the UK.

  • Student Visa

  • Graduate Visa

  • Short-term Study Visa

  • Child (Student) Visa


We can help you with Settlement, also known as Indefinite Leave to Remain, and UK citizenship applications.

  • Settlement (ILR) 

  • Citizenship (Naturalisation)

  • Citizenship (Registration)

Visit Visas

If you are coming to the UK for tourism, for seeing family and friends, and for other short-term stays.

  • Visitor Visa

  • Transit Visa

  • Permitted Paid Engagement Visa

Let's get your immigration needs taken care of

We handle the vast majority of UK visa & immigration applications

My application seems straightforward. Do I really need an immigration adviser?

Based on our experience, we think that all immigration applications will benefit greatly from some professional attention. This is because with the complexity of Immigration Rules, it is easy to make a small mistake which could jeopardise an entire application. This leads to unnecessary delays, stress and costs. 


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Your First Step

Book your free initial consultation for stress-free UK immigration

This free initial consultation will provide you with:

  1. essential knowledge about the UK immigration application process

  2. clear guidance and information on what makes a successful application

  3. an opportunity for you to ask questions